- The people

The Laboratory is characterized by a very international atmosphere as you noticed from our welcome message! Such a diversity is also reflected by the background of the participants to this group: biochemistry, mathematics, ethology, anatomy, computational neuroscience, neuroeconomics ... In fact we are still a young group, who started in 1993 and keep growing in maturity. The Neuroheuristic Research Group was established in 1995. We are a transdisciplinary laboratory across the faculty of businees and economics, faculty of law, criminal justice and public administration and the faculty of medicine. (By the way, do you know what does neuroheuristic mean ?) We all strongly believe that transdisciplinary is the necessary key to let emerge novel original ideas about how the brain is functioning.

The faculty includes the research director Prof. Alessandro E.P. Villa, Chair in neuroeconmics and computer science and professor in biophysics and neuroscience. The faculty includes also Dr. Alessandra Lintas, trained in chemical pharmacy who studies the neurophysiological basis of addictive behavior and decision making at the LABEX of the faculty of business and economics of the University of Lausanne. Prof. Yoshiyuki Asai PhD, is the Director of the AI Systems Medicine Research and Training Center (AISMEC) at the Graduate School of Medicine, Yamaguchi University and group leader of the Physiodesigner project at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology. He is an outstanding biomedical engineer making strong advances towards better signal acquisition and multivariate time series analysis. and reamins an active member of our laboratory, despite his main affiliation is now in Japan

We have a fruitful and active collaboration with Dr. Lavinia Albéri, expert in cellular physiology and molecular biology, lead of Neurology research at the Swiss Integrative Center for Human Health with We collaborate also with Dr. Stephen Perrig, at the Sleep Research Laboratory at the Department of Psychiatry of the University Hospital of Geneva and with Dr. Pierre Dutoit who trained as neurologist and psychiatrist in Lausanne and Geneva and is a specialist of higher order spectral analysis of animal and human EEG. The secretary load is carried out by Caroline Kleinheny and Daniela Serracca-Fraccalvieri.

At the University of Lausanne we collaborate very closely with the other faculties of the Institute of Information Systems, Institute of Organizational Behavior and Department of Neuroscience. The development of a strong scientific community in the area of Lake Leman gives us an opportunity to establish links with the Brain and Mind Institute of the Swiss Federal School of Technology in Lausanne, the University Hospitals of Lausanne and Geneva and the Universities of Geneva and Fribourg.

We have an extended network of international collaborations with several institutions and Laboratories. Active collaborative projects are running with Prof. Beat Schwaller at the Unit of Anatomy of the Department of Medicine at the University of Fribourg; Prof. José Maria Delgado García at the Universidad Pablo de Olavide Sevilla; Prof. Angel Nunñez at the Department of Neuroscience of the Universidad Autonoma Madrid; Prof. Jordi García Ojalvo at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona; Prof. Antonio Pons Rivero at the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya Terrassa; Prof. Francesco Masulli at the University of Genova; Prof. Masamichi Sakagami at the Tamagawa University Brain Science Institute Ing. Dr. Tatiana V. Guy and Ing. Dr. Miroslav Kárný at the Institute of Information Theory and Automation of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Recently, we started to investigate neuronal activity by near-infrared optical methods and we receive an excellent input from the research team at the University of Illinois at Urbana--Champaign lead by Professors Gabriele Gratton and Monica Fabiani who are leaders in this field.

We are indebted to an outstanding staff of technicians who contributed throughout the years to the success of our work. They retired now but their memory is preserved in the laboratory and will last for a long time. They are Christian Haeberli, Ing. ETS the head of the electronic workshop with André Singy, who managed electrical and mechanical microdevices. At the mechanical workshop we acknowledge the work of André Audergon and Michel Jadé. We acknowledge the contribution of Mauricette Capt, the chief histology technician, who knew all state-of-the-art techniques for staining all classes of neurons and glial cells and whose contribution for anatomical reconstructions were essential.

Current Ph.D. students
Manon Jaquerod (2017-)
Mark McCormick (2016-)

We wish to all our former collaborators and students all the best for their life and future career.

The Alumni of the Neuroheuristic Research Group, and the grade they received while staying at our Laboratory.

Natalí Barros Zulaica, Ph.D., 2013-2017
Daniel Malagarrida Guasch, Ph.D., 2012-2016
Sarah Mesrobian, Ph.D., 2012-2015
Vladislav Shaposhnik, Ph.D., 2006-2011
Olga Chibirova, Ph.D., 2002-2006
Roberta Sirovich, Ph.D., 2002-2006
Javier Iglesias, Ph.D., 2000-2005
Jan Eriksson, Ph.D., 1995-2000
Sean Hill, Ph.D., 1994-1999

Kübra Pinar, M.Sc., 2017-2018
Lisa Sächfer, M.Law, 2016-2017
Aymeric Delore, M.Sc., 2016-2017
Mohamed Aymen Fayala, M.Law., 2016-2017
Manon Jaquerod, M.Sc., 2015-2016
Florian Schütz, M.Law, 2015-2016
Jason Wettstein, M.Law, 2014-2015
Sébastian Bianchi, M.Sc., 2013-2014
Sarah Mesrobian, M.Sc., 2011-2012
Sara Giordani, M.Sc., 2002-2003
Annaelle Devergnas, M.Sc., 2002-2003
Abdellatif Najem, M.Sc., 1998-2001
Luciana Carota, M.Sc., 1998-1999
Javier Iglesias, M.Sc., 1997-1998
Alexandre Kuhn, M.Sc., 1997-1998

Dr. Paolo Masulli, post-doc, 2016-2017
Dr. Lavinia Albéri, post-doc, 2011-2013
Dr. Jérémie Cabessa, post-doc, 2008-2012
Dr. Javier Iglesias, post-doc, 2005-2007
Dr. Yoshiyuki Asai, post-doc, 2004-2005
Dr. Tetyana Aksenova, faculty, 2001-2007
Dr. Maria Antonieta Farré Castany, post-doc, 1999-2001
Dr. Igor Tetko, post-doc, 1995-2000
Dr. Anne Hervé-Minvielle, post-doc, 1995-1996
Dr. Guido Vantini, post-doc, 1994-1996

Other graduate and postgraduate students who spent an academic stage and collaborated with us at the Laboratory:
Alimohammed Miraghaie (2018-2019), Si-Hao Liu (2017), Rocío Caro Martin (2016), Sarat Chandra Vysyaraju (2015), Fioralba Ajazi (2014-2016), Maria Duarte (2014), Nicolas Gailly (2014), Vincent Buntinx (2013), Damiano Cereghetti (2011-2012) Céline Tarditi (2011), Mohammad Moayeri (2010), Victor Contreras (2008-2009), Steeve Larouche (2003), Amina Ahmed (2002), Tania Rinaldi (2001-2002), Céline Mariéthoz (2000), Daniel Huber (1999), Alix Herrmann (1998), Donatella Carretta (1997), Uberto Pozzoli (1997), Cecilia Locatelli (1996),

The Laboratory wishes also to thank the people of the - Centre Audiovisuel de l'UNIL for their assistance to produce high quality graphics and video material.